Commenting on my bands.


15. Dez. 2009, 7:46

Green Day - The band that took me out of my Hilary Duff and Aaron Carter phase of my childhood. I heard their Dookie album and fell in love at my preteen years. I then proceeded to fall in love with BIllie Joe, mercilessly hate his wife Adrienne, then realize I was an idiot. I've grown disappointed in their most recent music, as well as American Idiot. They are pushing 40 though, perhaps they should call it all quits.

blink-182 - The second band that pulled my further out of my pop phase. Awesome band I will always love. My second love (right behind Billie) was Mark Hoppus. I obsessively listened to his podcasts and dedicated pages to him. Unlike with Billie, I didn't hate his wife. I grew out of that as well. I'm happy to hear the band is back together.

Mindless Self Indulgence - A band I heard about on a Green Day forum. All I heard was Bitches and thought not much of it. In the past 2 years, I've collected a ton of their music and of course, as usual, fell in love with the lead singer, Jimmy Urine. Who would've guessed. I watched and listened to all I could and now they're among my top 5 loves.

The Living End - Possibly the most important band of my life, these guys are badass. I got into them from a Green Day forum, and eventually, I helped turn that forum into a Living End forum. I managed to talk to the band members on myspace, and went to my first concert at Warped Tour 06 just to see them. Took a shitty ass picture with them, got them to autograph my CD as well as my tickets. Then went to see them again at Ventura Theatre way back in December 06. Best night of my life, I will say. I love them with all my being. They are the best thing I've ever heard in my life.

Music is powerful, I'm sure we all know this.


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