Jacksonville Beach, Florida...


29. Jan. 2007, 19:41

I miss you so.

Sunrises on the beach, Matt Pond PA playing in the distance from our jeep. The waves crash on the shore as Fairlee soars thru the open sky.

Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart, a man of many mysteries you are Nate. Under My Thumb at 4am with a whiskey bottle in each hand.

80s night with the Dirty Old Men, Nate and Josh. Pleather pants, velvet jackets, and bad wigs. Every rose does have it's thorns.

24 Hour 7 days a week Phish-a-thon coming from Josh's bedroom wall. Wait, that was a 72 hour jam on the same song?! Acid and Farmhouse

Punk rock breakfast before sunrise. NOFX goes well with beer, waffles, and a hash hit. AFI pounds the early evening ps2 battles and the band sets up. Late night jams are peppered with Weezer, Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, and blink-182 covers.

Daily dose of indie and prog rock. John, my brother in arms I miss you the most. Deftones appreciation night and Wu-Tang skate sessions. We held the key to heaven, Built to Spill and And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead. Countless others followed in the upstairs loft apartment with a view of the beach. Smoke filled my head and the ocean smelt perfect. Tool and Hum expanding our horizons.

Double shot of caffeine at Shelby's coffee shoppe. The hottest girl I have ever seen bringing tears to our eyes playing Fix You on the baby grand in the front. Beastie Boys, Mofro, G-Love and Special Sauce, and Sublime were the sounds of the midnight surf ride. Longboarding till dawn with the girls playing Yellowcard from the balconies of their million dollar homes on the beach.

Liz. Lagwagon, Bad Astronaut, Sum41, and No Use For A Name will always be reserved for you.

Late night love making playlists that trail into dawn. The perfect music for various stages of getting it on. Massive Attack blowing my mind while NIN reached climax. Alkaline Trio in the shower. Foo Fighters for the next hour or so. I think I remember Goldfinger in there somewhere. What a pair you and I were, the music was our strongest bond and the music would be our downfall. We'll always have John Vanderslice.

Halloween Party the 613 was packed. Schoolgirl uniforms abound. Little Red Riding Hood grinding on Ragedy Ann. California Love mixed with Unwritten Law, the DJ had it all. A whiskey bottle too many and Rage Against the Machine too early. My foot through a windshield and lights flashing everywhere.

The classic rock cafe. The bands first venue to play, thanks again Van Zant girls. Sorry we wrecked the place.

Lessons on guitar by the elder masters. led zepellin, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix. Mr. Doerr knew them all.

I had to leave Jax Beach. I had to go. But please know, one song sparked all of this reflection. Know that you can have me in your grasp again by the tone of just one song. I close my eyes and think about the good, bad, and ugly things we did together. One song.

You Were Right


  • ballinacup

    I live and Jax Beach and too had to leave...your reflection was fantastic

    1. Feb. 2007, 21:13
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