The ruff guide to genre-terrorism


15. Sep. 2008, 0:23

Sonic Boom Six- The ruff guide to genre-terrorism

Deck Cheese Records 2006

After hearing "Bigger than punk rock" on their Myspace page with its infectious energy and Laila K's wicked "Mickey Mouse on helium" vocals I knew I had to check this album out. I didn't have to wait long as a mate got hooked on the same song and had bought this disc within a week.

Fortunately, every track on here is of the same high-quality as "Bigger than punk rock" and, crucially, all are unique and stand out from each other... and positivity prevails!

This is a mash-up of melodic, catchy punk rock with hip-hop, ska and other styles in the mix.. even samples. However, SB6 never sacrifice songcraft for showing off. The record mostly has a party atmosphere but there's also incisive and witty social commentary.

Choice lyrics: "all these kids who go to gigs in Halowe'en costumes, you used to play a fuckin' trumpet now you're flying a broom" and, from "Danger! Danger", about the demonisation of youth, "the scary thing, it's true 'cos they can and will and when they fucking do". The rapid fire raps and awesome delivery from both male and female vocalists, however, make picking best lines a bit of a pointless exercise.



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