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MJ ColeVolcano Riddim 7. Feb. 2011
French Horn RebellionUp All Night 7. Feb. 2011
IsoléeSchrapnell 7. Feb. 2011
PalmbomenSee 7. Feb. 2011
Gold PandaYou 7. Feb. 2011
Matthew DearI Can't Feel 7. Feb. 2011
LoneRissotowe_4 31. Jan. 2011
LoneUltramarine 31. Jan. 2011
LoneMoon Beam Harp 31. Jan. 2011
Lee "Scratch" PerryKiss The Champion 27. Jan. 2011
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Über mich

5 Days Off started in 2001 as a spin-off of the 10 Days Off festival in Ghent, Belgium and was the first multiple day indoor dance event in Holland. The last few years the festival offered a more and more various line-up, and was hereby able to show a high quality overview of the international electronic music of these days. By doing this, 5 Days Off build a strong reputation for itself, in Holland, but also beyond the borders. Besides music, there’s an increasing amount of attention for media art in the last couple of years. 5 Days Off grew from being a small festival in the Amsterdam Melkweg (aka Milkyway) to a genuine cityfestival which nowadays includes locations such as Paradiso and the Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk).

The 5 Days Off festival will be held from 2 - 6 March 2011

Join us now on our 5 Days Off Facebook page!

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