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Freitag, 3. Oktober 2014
Voidstar Productions, Furnace Records and The Elks Lodge Present RAISING THE DEAD
Christian Death, AbstinenceConcert
The Elks Lodge
Cambridge, Vereinigte Staaten

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  • serdelur


    Freitag Abend
  • brutalluis


    vor 19 Tagen
  • Path2Nowhere

    As much as I hate the ethos of the scene (Life sucks, let's make it better by cutting ourselves and giving everyone AIDS), I do like a lot of the music.

    letzten Monat
  • FolkBlackDoom

    @DonApollyon666 - Music for people who have the courage to depict their true emotions and feelings.

    letzten Monat
  • Keola_the_Orca


    April 2014
  • Unknownrooster

    März 2014
  • xVictimOfADownx

    Hey I started a new group for music fanatics, the focus is going to be different than the ExMF and the frosty paradigm. It's a bit of an experiment but if a bunch of people get in it could be cool. Join if you are interested. I want this group to become a center for music discussion on Lastfm (even though it's metal centered, other genres are more than welcome to be discussed.) Cheers!

    März 2014
  • spineshank155

    Stop tagging Rebecca Black with this.

    März 2014
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