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  • TiffaniTiger

    I'm not with Wikipedia btw; I just want to make sure this article gets more attention in regards to culture of the underground and female rappers. Though Wikipedia has rules about "weight" that something is given, there's an argument on there about why underground hip hop culture deserves as much weight as mainstream hip hop, and you can comment on the talk page about that if you have anything to add. ty!

    Juni 2013
  • TiffaniTiger

    Will someone please see the Wikipedia page for "hip hop" (not "hip hop music") and write something about the culture of underground hip hop. Ideally this would include both male and female rappers, and include important cities such as New York, L.A., and Miami (bass). The emphasis of this article is the culture over the music, as there's another article titled "Hip Hop Music". Any info listed has to be verifiable (from an article, radio station, report, book, archived show fliers from a reliable source, etc.). Sorry, it can't be in ebonics & the article is in standard English. Anyone uncomfortable with Wikipedia's grammar rules can contribute info on the talk page & then just wait for someone to add that to the article, as it's been a little slow-going over there. Probably best to use the talk page on there anyway as this article had some heated debate some time ago, though it looks like the debate may have cooled down. This will help keep Wikipedia from banning you as a user.

    Juni 2013
  • IveBeenOwned

    Lol @ KRS-One being underground and old school.

    September 2010
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