• Earthworm Jim 2 Invertebrate Retreat OC ReMix

    7. Mär. 2007, 23:25 von Kosher-X

    Earthworm Jim 2 Invertebrate Retreat OC ReMix
    Daniel Baranowsky

    One more time, i find myself
    Up to my neck, buried in silt.
    Too many times, the world requests
    that I relieve them all from distress

    Doesn't anybody see, my corporeal state
    I've got no reason, to save anybody but me
    Once again. Here I am.
    I don't give a damn, my strength's all i am.

    And now that hell is at its worst
    I've got no choice left but leaving your dead corpse
    No kind of weapon, No kind of plea
    Not even substance abuse can bother me.

    Suppose that I did it, Imagine my feat.
    Victory reached, but still evil replete.
    And I would be anything but discrete -
    My Invertebrate retreat.

    And now gone and forgotten,
    Everything inside me pushes me to realize.
    I never was anything but a slave to circumstance and bad fortune,
    It's time to decide.

    Return to forbearance?

    A cycle complete.

    Your invertertebrate retreat.