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plutonic mind



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plutonic mind- REBECCA shattered convention during her classical singing and piano study with her concert in November 1995 in which she served

4-part fugues of J.S. Bach on the micro-keyboard of a YAMAHA QY 70

to the academy of music on a silver tray.

In spite of her professors, she fought against the close-minded

world of classical music. REBECCA began spreading a credo for a generation of new instruments and tools.

After she successfully completed her classical study

in 1999 a converted violin case became her mobile equipment.

Installed in the case were the QY 70, a microphone and various effect machines.

With her violin case REBECCA conquered concert stages and studios.

The first studio session of her life was immediately published on the well-known sampler of the successful broadcast of Bavarian Television SPACE NIGHT III (east-west) with TWINLENS REFLEX SOUND.

Since moving to Hamburg Germany in 2000, plutonic mind has fought untiringly for the equalization of classical music and electronic music. Never again to play just small dark clubs and sordid concert stages.

REBECCA prefers performing in big concert halls and churches.

REBECCA wrote multimedia concerts for oscilloscope, mezzo-soprano and synthesizer. The first performance took place in a wonderfully big church in Hamburg. In 2006 she withdrew from public performance to reinvent and to pursue repertoire studies.



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