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it´s a musical


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written by Clemens Niedenthal

Ella Blixt and Robert Kretzschmar are “It’s a Musical”. That’s what their band is called. But that’s how this band sounds only in a figurative way – when one loves great musicals for their conjuring entire worlds out of the membranes. But musicals depict an artificial world. “It’s a Musical”, however, are sincere about it. And they are a great fun being listened to. “It’s a Musical” means pop music in an absolute immediate sense. Two artists, their voices, their instruments. Going forward, turning somersaults.

We don’t play guitars
Two years ago they had got to know each other at common concerts with their current projects that time. Ella had still lived in the Swedish city of Malmö by then recording songs under the name of “Bobby Baby” when Robert had drawn up first ideas of his notion of pop music with his duo “Lady Boy”. Few months later, Ella also moved to Berlin. First common songs were written on an old organ with a charming name and an even charming sound. And because there was this organ and soon a piano, too, for Ella’s sparkling chords and since Robert’s airy and swinging play of drums went forward curiously, “there was no hand left for a guitar”. Indie pop without guitars? But the music that has taken the best from Stereolab and St. Etienne, from the likeable simplicity of LoFi as well as from the interwoven harmony landscapes of a Burt Bacharach or a Karen Carpenter, this music has left behind the drawer of indie anyway. Trumpets, vibraphones, canonical Choirs. “It’s a Musical”, it really is.




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