• Sorri: From Zzzaam to Bossa Nova (K.O.A. Zine)

    19. Apr. 2008, 3:07 von and_stones

    Sorri: From Zzzaam to Bossa Nova

    Choi Sohee first came up in the Hongdae music scene in the late '90s as the bassist for the well-loved indie band ZzzAam (which means "sleep" in Korean). You are highly encouraged to check out Zzzaam's three studio albums. Sohee is now a solo artist who goes by the moniker "Sorri" (which means "to smile" in Portueguese and is pronounced the same as "Sohee"). She writes and performs sophisticated pop songs inspired by bossa nova and is the crush of many a Hongdae indie fan even though she claims that she is "not at all sexy"! Sohee is a pioneer in many senses. She was a member of one of Seoul's first post-punk and post-grunge bands. She was one of the first female musicians to appear on the scene. She also is one of the few musicians who have been on both indie and major labels. We are extremely pleased to have a glimpse at her diverse and unique experience in the Seoul music scene.
  • Korean Underground Rock Mix

    22. Dez. 2007, 4:23 von and_stones

    I'm happy to report that the Korean underground rock scene is alive and well!

    It mostly all happens in Hongdae, the area built into the downhill slope beneath the campus of Hongik University, a school known for its art program. Hongdae is like the Williamsburg or Wicker Park of Seoul (of all Korea actually). On the weekends, kids and craft people hang out in a park near campus to sell stuff, to draw, to play music on the street, etc. Hongdae hosts several music scenes including ones for indie rock, punk, and hiphop. Each scene is a tight-knit community where everyone knows each other and bands have probably even shared members at some point. There are many clubs to play at, and on any given night there are a number of shows going on. Fliers litter the streets, and given the lack of wall space, are often plastered directly onto the ground for people to look at as they trod along.

    Here's a mix of some of my favorite musical discoveries from this trip.

    Download the ZIP file at:
  • Shopping from Mr. Kwang - Soft stuff

    13. Aug. 2006, 21:02 von helikoppter

    In addition to cater to all my krock needs, mrkwang is also my main provider when it comes to the more alternative side of Korean music. Here's a selection of the more downbeat/semi-electronic/experimental stuff that I've gotten from him so far this year.

    Gloomyband s/t
    I first downloaded Gloomyband's self-titled debut album in 2004 as I found the name intriguing. I loved it and wanted my own copy already after the first listen, but although it was quite new at the time, YesAsia could not find a copy for me. Well, I finally got my copy through mrkwang and as it turns out the reason YesAsia couldn't find it was because it's self-released. mrkwang (who knows a great deal more about genres than myself) says they're influenced by slow core, grunge, trip hop and heavy metal - all while playing gloomy music. Indeed there is a gloomy feeling to all of their music as well as their lyrics (most of them all in English) and I like that description (and can't really come up with a better one myself) so there you go. …
  • YesAsia's annual clearance sale is back!

    1. Nov. 2005, 19:49 von helikoppter

    And so, two weeks before I had expected - YesAsia's annual clearance sale has started! Wise from last years experience, when I missed out on several good albums just from waiting a couple of days, I have already placed my first order. There's not even close to as much good stuff as last year, but so far I've gone through the $3-5.99 Korean music and I'm pretty satisfied with what I'm getting:

    Bank - 가질수 없는 너 Bank's first album from 1995! I love the title track, but haven't heard any more from it. Should be at least decent, since it's probably filled with those nice rock ballads Bank usually makes.

    Kona - Flower Dance The 5th album of Kona. I really like the voice of 배영준 and sometimes Kona's style is reminiscent of that of his later band, Where the Story Ends. This could be good ^^

    lecher - Lecher After avoiding buying this for more than 1 year I can't resist it any longer.. I don't know anything about them, but the cover is sorta interesting (I think it's an ugly fish, but I'm not sure. …