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Za Frûmi


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Za Frûmi is melodic mood music from a dark fantasy setting with two branches (series). One (the Za Frûmi saga) centered around a wayward group of orcs, and their adventures in deep forests and mysterious castles. Deep flutes, rythmic drums and atmospheric ambience combine to grant enthusiasts everywhere a unique experience. The other (Za Frûmi Legends) which are very film-like instrumental dark fantasy music.


Influenced by the Uruk-Hai and their language, the artists started the project now known as Za Frûmi. ‘Za shum ushatar Uglakh’ was the first album from Za Frûmi (2000) and was quite different from the normal fantasy inspired albums out there. Using theatrical dialogue and spoken entirely in orcish (Black speech), the album tells the tale of a clan of orcs caught in their struggle against a mighty vampire lord. A translation of the dialogue is included in the booklet, so those who do not know orcish (and most people don’t) still know what is happening and what the orcs are saying as the storyline progresses. One year later (2001) Za Frûmi released chapter two of their Saga titled ‘Tach - chapter 2’ and the story continued about the clan, this album was recieved with open arms by the fantasy, black metal and ambient scenes. That was also the year were Waerloga Records was born and Za Frûmi were the first band released there. 2007 the third chapter in the series was released titled ‘Shrak ishi za migul’ (Gathering in the mist) and Za Frûmi go all the way.




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