• Baby's got a temper remix

    13. Jan. 2009, 5:52 von yopizza

    There are many things I do I never talk about but here is one of them: my name is Yopi and I produce music music in my spare time. Only because I love music so much I can't help making some.
    Same same but different so I don't intend to annoy you with that so just what's listenable will be posted, no avalanches.

    Go check it out, especially the remix of Prodigy I've just finished of Baby's got a temper.

  • Tribute to White Town

    22. Nov. 2007, 17:34 von yopizza

    Your Woman has been a shock the first time I heard it and it has always remained so...

    Your woman

    Here are my tribute to white town. 2 remixes of mine (Yopi) that I had so much fun doing. Remixing is such a rewarding experience.
    If anyone feel like making some visual on this, go ahead and it would complete the tribute!

    Black Town
    City Evolution