• Creh-zeh Listenings

    3. Jul. 2006, 5:25 von crai_zee_rana

    Soso, my fellow audioscrobblers...these are albums that I've been listening to a lot (rather obsessively, if I might add), and so they've been jiggling, warping, and otherwise completely rearranging my charts around....


    Yeay!!!...pretty much my first Interpol album ever...my brother bought the special edition w/the remixes and videos..videos ok, remixes superb, especially Public Pervert...C'mere makes me think of old times and people, opportunities lost.

    Overall, I give it a double thumbs up/yeay!.

    Rising Force

    Ahhh...what to say???...starts off w/Black Star, which is superbly written and feels like you're gliding down the neck of the guitar, riding on the strings to the impossibly, infinitely dense center of a black star...err, black hole??...no way to describe...then Now Your Ships Are Burned w/it's pirate-ish appeal, Evil Eye (rather soundtracky feel, but one of my fave Malmsteens), the other-wordly and beautiful Icarus' Dream Suite (displaying Yngwie's multi-faceted talent)…