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Yellow Swans


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Yellow Swans were an American experimental electronic noise band from Portland, Oregon. The duo are renowned for their improvisional approach to music, creating a unique experience for each live performance. They describe their music as „a constantly evolving mass of psychedelic noise that is both physically arresting and psychically liberating“. The band consists of Pete Swanson (vocals, drum machine, electronics) and Gabriel Mindel Saloman (guitar, feedback, electronics). The band announced their split in April 2008.

The duo formed in Portland, Oregon in 2001. From here they established their own collective art label, JYRK where the band have self-released several CD-Rs and cassettes of their music. With frequent touring and shows with artists including Tussle, Xiu Xiu and Japanther, the duo moved to Oakland, California for two years. In 2003, they recorded their debut album, Bring The Neon War Home, and continued to tour across the USA.

Their debut album garnered much recognition and soon the band were invited to perform shows across Europe, Australia and New Zealand. In October 2005, Numerical Thief, a Melbourne-based label, debuted the release of the band’s second studio album, Psychic Secession. It was later re-mastered and released on LOAD Records the same year, and then released on 12“ vinyl by Weird Forest in 2006.

Throughout their existence, the duo have used the moniker of D Yellow Swans, where the „D“ can be substituted for any word beginning with the letter. This began as a joke when the band formed, and became „a fun take on anti-branding.




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