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Helsinki, Finnland (2004 – aktuell)

Wintersun (engl. für Wintersonne) ist eine finnische -Band aus Helsinki um den Sänger und Gitarristen Jari Mäenpää.

Anfangs war Wintersun nur als Nebenprojekt geplant. Im Jahr 2004 trennte sich Jari Mäenpää jedoch von seiner vorherigen Band Ensiferum, da die Aufnahmezeiten im Studio mit einer Tour von Ensiferum kollidierten. Noch im selben Jahr produzierte er alleine die Demo Winter Madness und später mit Schlagzeuger Kai Hahto von Rotten Sound das Debütalbum Wintersun, das am 13. September 2004 durch das Label Nuclear Blast veröffentlicht wurde. Mäenpäa schrieb die veröffentlichten Stücke zwischen 1995 und 2003. Die japanische Ausgabe enthielt zudem alle drei Stücke der Demo als Bonustracks. Zu der Single „Beyond the Dark Sun“ wurde außerdem ein Video gedreht.

Um auch live auftreten zu können verpflichtete Mäenpää später noch Jukka Koskinen als Bassisten sowie Teemu Mäntysaari als zweiten Gitarristen. Er selbst übernimmt bei Liveauftritten sowohl den Gitarrenpart als auch den Gesang. Im Jahr 2006 entschied überdies Kai Hahto, bei Rotten Sound auszusteigen, um sich voll und ganz auf Wintersun zu konzentrieren. Im September 2006 erschien die Wintersun Tour-Edition mit Live-DVD vom Summer Breeze 2005.




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  • Dark_Althor

    Saw them yesterday."Forest" was clearly a highlights. That final... with Jari's vocals and Jukka's growls, amazing. Everyone was stunned. It was a great show, flawless, it's nice to see them still alive, in such great shape !

    26. Mär., 9:21 Antworten
  • umosay

    Another vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLZPmpNgVqk best quality so far

    26. Mär., 1:08 Antworten
  • Meat_Wolf

    "but Jari loves his 4mins of the same riff" - Jari loves his 10 mins of the same riff :D The Way of the Fire is basically built up on 1 riff, same for Time and Land of Snow and Sorrow. The case is, it works surprisingly great because he constantly changes little details as the songs unfold. I think there would be far more orchestral details in the final version which would make it much richer. And the song doesn't feel unecessary long at all to me, even in this shitty livecam version there are a lot of nice tunes in every section of the composition.

    25. Mär., 10:13 Antworten
  • umosay

    The middle part needs some serious cutting, but Jari loves his 4mins of the same riff. I would expect far more variations of that lead part into a solo but it never comes. For an 11min song the structure is pretty simple. Not sure there is enough highlights to warrant 11mins. Can't really judge off the quality but that's my first thoughts.

    25. Mär., 8:16 Antworten
  • Ilgu

    "Currently it seems like they need to play live again and again in order to pay their label debts." <--- I'd just like to add that according to Jari, all his debts to NB have been paid and at this point he doesn't owe them anything :)

    24. Mär., 18:06 Antworten
  • Meat_Wolf

    "What now?" — crowdfunding for own studio with yet uknown Time II related stuff offered as rewards. "Holopainen actually delivered a product" — my comparison was not quite correct because Holopainen had a much bigger 'initial capital' of recognition and fame because he was in the right time in the right place. And that's why he eventually got subsidised. Nevertheless, the movie was pretty much a pointless thing designed for, I guess, only Tuomas himself (because he can). And the new album sounds exactly like a 'product'. "And why should he be afraid to name the actual sum he needs?" — I think the numbers are really high although probably he underestimates how crazy at least a part of the audience is.

    24. Mär., 17:13 Antworten
  • Nordpolar

    And why should he be afraid to name the actual sum he needs? If there are only 10 sycophantic fanboys like one can find 'em in this shoutbox and mostly on the Wintersun Facebookpage, he already has the whole sum for "Time II". And for the next 20 records too, I guess.

    24. Mär., 16:04 Antworten
  • Nordpolar

    So, what happened? The last thing I read is that he dropped his dispute with Nuclear Blast. What now? Crowdfunding? Own studio? Currently it seems like they need to play live again and again in order to pay their label debts. "Forest" is a quite okay song at the very least. Guess my ears aren't as precise as yours to judge over such low quality videos properly. Fun fact: Holopainen actually delivered a product instead of just talking about it. That's why he's gettin' subsidisation I guess.

    24. Mär., 15:58 Antworten
  • Qyaffer

    Lol @FeskarN_89 all the banks need to do is one Google search of Jari to decide not to give him a loan. On the topic of it being a huge amount of money, I think if he buys an already existing home and just renovates it, it will not cost as much. Maybe he might consider also renting out the studio while Wintersun is on tour. But I'm sure these things have all crossed his mind and are perhaps already part of his plan. I just hope it could happen quicker, but whatever the pace I'm grateful for his music.

    24. Mär., 12:07 Antworten
  • FeskarN_89

    I agree with you guys. They money he need will be a huge number indeed but this needs to be relased, Jari's music is unique and out of this world. This studio needs to happen soon, so we can experience the mighty material he got in stores. Why can't Jari and the other guys in the band, take a loan instead? Sure it will take time to get that money back but it will be worth it.

    24. Mär., 11:47 Antworten
  • Big_TV

    Sounds absolutely stuning. I have this feeling that even if Jari got his own studio, we would still face a lot of delays for some reason or another. Like, the studio just isn't providing his guitar tracks with the majestic glisten they need, So he will need to fund a trip where he will be walked to the highest mountain in Tibet by about 20.5 monks (Precisely) where the spirits are rife.

    24. Mär., 11:21 Antworten
  • Ilgu

    ""Why havn't they started the crowdfunding project yet?!" - I think Jari is kinda afraid to name the actual sum he needs." <-- yes, I think you got this right. It's gonna be a huge amount of money, that's for sure. But damn, it NEEDS to happen. If people never hear these masterpieces Jari has inside his head... well, it's just wrong.

    24. Mär., 10:31 Antworten
  • Meat_Wolf

    Also, the vocals in the chorus are simply otherwordly. And this is live, so what is he capable of on the studio version?.. I wanna ask the Finnish Government why they subsidise shitty Holopainen's filmmaking instead of investing in a studio for Jari and letting the world hear this GODLIKE MUSIC? ;..;

    24. Mär., 9:27 Antworten
  • Meat_Wolf

    "Why havn't they started the crowdfunding project yet?!" - I think Jari is kinda afraid to name the actual sum he needs. Although is he posts this song as a teaser and says "this is the stuff I got but only you can help me record it in a proper manner" there would surely be a lot of crazy folks to participate. "mainly last Nightwish and Ensiferum albums, sound terribly flat compared to this song" - I have to say that unfortunately it's very difficult to listen to any kind of music after hearing this and realizing how far away we are from this song released as a studio version. Sigh.

    24. Mär., 8:12 Antworten
  • Wintersun89

    oh my god, that new song is wonderful!

    23. Mär., 20:51 Antworten
  • Dark_Althor

    This is insane, all recent stuff I listened to, mainly last Nightwish and Ensiferum albums, sound terribly flat compared to this song. Jary is definitively a god. Thanks Ilgu for the link !

    23. Mär., 18:32 Antworten
  • Ilgu

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Nn_aooohJI#t=33 Another video, with a passable quality this time. You can hear some of the guitar lines a lot better in this one. MAN dat ending!! The master has returned

    23. Mär., 15:30 Antworten
  • Dark_Althor

    Vocal lines of this new song are trully amazing... shivers

    23. Mär., 12:56 Antworten
  • FeskarN_89

    Why havn't they started the crowdfunding project yet?! I want to support Jari and his amazing music. The album after Time II will be something else, judging by the "Forest" song.

    23. Mär., 11:59 Antworten
  • Meat_Wolf

    "It would be really interesting if Jari decided to release a low-fi album" - that would never happen or why would he need a studio for that? :D The new song brings tears to my eyes, that oriental folk middle part is pure magic as well as the riff that follows. And the vocals are simply outstanding. I really hope we will hear Time II and all the other ideas Jari has in his mind someday because there is no better thing I heard in music, ever.

    23. Mär., 11:09 Antworten
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