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  • donkukis

    great solo.

    Juli 2013
  • seether112

    Writen by Lennon and Mccartney ??????????????????????????????

    Oktober 2011
  • chhodgkins

    don't know when this was written, but I can't help but think of McCartney's relationship with Lennon in the 70's. Then as if it's getting too personal, he then throws in the Mayor of Baltimore hullabaloo. Classic. Power 70's Wings.

    Mai 2011
  • KarlaBeatles

    The note you never wrote... <3

    März 2011
  • SkyHits

    I'm sure I've written something about this magnificent song before though I don't see it right now! But that really doesn't matter so much since I feel it as my duty to write about this song: Well it's simply masterpiece

    Februar 2011