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Wild Zombie Blast Guide


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After the „Wild Zombie Blast Guide“, a zombie elite force in human disguise, had been further fostering the undead’s strongest weapon of mass destruction - THRASHING METAL MADNESS – via infestation of humanity, Frbs, Mrsh, Rli, Jrn and Twirst were promoted to honor their particular commitment.
The highest zombie authority itself, reverently called „The Commander“ summoned the quintet to praise them for their debut. The Blast Guide became new titles in the course of this advancement. Frbs, Mrsh, Rli, Jrn and Twirst became Z Boy, Reverend Z, Officer Z, Doctor Z and Z Machine.

„You snooze, you lose“, „If you don’t go forward, you go backwards“ and „the more the merrier“ also apply to Zombies.
This is how the German combo had fabricated another heavy metal exploit which was named „SALUTE THE COMMANDER“ all in favor of their beloved leader. Once again Wild Zombie Blast Guide play a never boring overlap of Thras Metal, Metalcore and Death Metal. The five sickos have, however, extended their apocalyptical mixture by several nuances. The new material bears a variety of electronic gadgetry á la Bring Me The Horizon and modern-thrash in the likes of Machine Head.
Hardly any other Band manages to combine these distinct styles from oldschool to modern metal stronghold as well as the Wild Zombie Blast Guide.
The result is „SALUTE THE COMMANDER“, which compared with it’s predecessor steps up the game by means of sound and songwriting abilities. Produced and mixed by Z Boy at Black Rose Studios, the process of mastering was passed to no-one less than Matthew Greywolf of German heavy metal outfit POWERWOLF.




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