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  • Sbt2d

    I just realized Kamera is camera with a K instead of a C.

    Mittwoch Abend
  • jpzitoleopold


    Juni 2014
  • jpzitoleopold


    Juni 2014
  • squiggins

    I want to be just all dismissive of these guys now, but when a track like this comes on, ahh yes, it is still good.

    März 2014
  • nick_honest


    Februar 2014
  • CainDavies

    This whole album is just perfect

    August 2012
  • promisedeyes

    Love the very 'Big Star' feel behind this tune!

    Juni 2012
  • ecorunner

    Amazing song and album, but how can anyone not think "A ghost is born" is nothing short of genius. To me, the best opening track from a Wilco album has no competition, its "At least that's what you said".

    März 2012
  • BringtheKY

    Ahh, the last great Wilco album. Fandom misses you, Jay Bennett.

    Februar 2012
  • gvnkamera


    November 2011
  • losleepingiant

    God Bless Wilco!

    Juli 2011
  • shreddiesSH

    Keep being awesome, song

    Juni 2011
  • straysongs

    beautiful album

    Juni 2011
  • netsandjets

    never going to get tired of this song

    April 2011
  • JmBugz

    The quality of this album is far too often overshadowed by the STORY behind the making of the album.

    Januar 2011
  • live4ever89

    fuckin' brilliant

    Dezember 2010
  • jeffyskate

    just a great song

    Dezember 2010
  • thecheckeredman

    I'm not downing this song, but I kind of like some of the demos I heard a little better than the album track...

    Oktober 2010
  • karlkandinsky


    September 2010
  • Pavematt

    Phone my family, Tell 'em I'm lost on the sidewalk

    August 2010
  • bodine81

    before they went all dad-rock on us

    August 2010
  • lplolo

    Amoooo go go brazill <3

    Juli 2010
  • ChristoStevens

    Wilco takes reminds me of great folk rock of 60's & 70's.

    Juli 2010
  • rsormagic

    This song is legit. One of the first Wilco songs I heard and still loving it!!

    Juni 2010
  • clutnuckle

    I don't even really like YHF that much, but I love this song for whatever reason

    Mai 2010
  • Collett1111

    Echoes in my heart...

    Mai 2010
  • shelbeelynne

    First song I heard. Good song to decide to start loving Wilco on.

    März 2010
  • dontmakemeatrgt

    i'm lost, yeah i'm lost. no it's not okay.

    März 2010
  • mikey5646

    gvuhinjosADshbfjs awesome

    Januar 2010
  • bafilipski

    Got YHF on Vinyl for Xmas this year. It just doesn't get any better.

    Januar 2010
  • justinpope

    The demo versions are both worth checking out, may even be better than the final! There's one uptempo country-ish one and another more classic-riff-rock version, and they are in a completely different key, I believe. Seek out the YHF demos!

    Januar 2010
  • ChrisJHutchins

    Good stff all the around.

    Dezember 2009

    good song, but I miss Jay...

    November 2009
  • bileslie

    Love this album, their new album is great too!

    Oktober 2009
  • s_hartpoet

    fookin is right! ;D

    Oktober 2009
  • blueshawk66

    Great song from amazing album. Listen to YHF from start to finish!

    Oktober 2009
  • mushroomGnome


    September 2009
  • iswoon138


    September 2009
  • PONTY30

    Fookin Great

    August 2009
  • LieItsTheTruth


    August 2009
  • ConkertheKing

    (everlong + 1979 + a *smidge* of born to run) + wilco awesomeness = kamera

    August 2009
  • unartfuldodger

    i love this song i love this album i fucking love wilco

    August 2009
  • Amliedi

    o dia que eu ouvir isso pessoalmente vai ser o dia mais feliz!

    August 2009
  • Trembling218

    This song is like the rhythm in my heart.

    Juli 2009
  • agreyshrike


    Juli 2009
  • JAdelC42

    wilco ownz

    Juli 2009
  • Eidyia18

    My English teacher told me he was going to their concert last night so I thought I'd check them out. I love it! I hate most modern country but I can see bits of Woody Guthrie and others in here.

    Juli 2009
  • wilcoholic

    Amazing. Especially the version on the I Am Trying To Break Your Heart DVD.

    Juni 2009
  • spinnakerboy


    Juni 2009
  • japhyryder65

    they are great live no doubt! jeff likes to run in place while the music plays...

    Mai 2009