To Lose My Life ... (UK Version)

Universal Music Ireland Ltd.
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19. Jan. 2009
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    Titel     Dauer Hörer
1 Death 5:01 400.783
2 To Lose My Life 3:14 405.793
3 A Place to Hide 5:02 227.939
4 Fifty on Our Foreheads 4:22 208.771
5 Unfinished Business 4:19 249.565
6 E.S.T. 5:02 232.887
7 From the Stars 4:52 217.864
8 Farewell to the Fairground 4:17 328.597
9 Nothing to Give 4:12 171.053
10 The Price of Love 4:39 184.104

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  • mamashakyhand

    nice sound....good arrangements & voice!

    21. Apr. 2009 Antworten
  • Unkyp

    good band , deep voice / vocals remind me of "Editors" / echo and the bunny men.

    19. Apr. 2009 Antworten
  • rmb-admin

    From the Stars has to be one of the best free iTunes songs ever!

    23. Mär. 2009 Antworten
  • UchihaMiek

    After a few listens to the tracks I've been blown away, and ordered the album online as soon as possible. Really loving Death, To Lose My Life and Farewell To The Fairground. Great new band that deserve the attention they're getting. :)

    11. Mär. 2009 Antworten
  • texasrose09

    I am just thrilled about this band. Brilliant! I hope I can make it out to SXSW to see them. I just got to see them live! Love them!

    17. Feb. 2009 Antworten
  • starliner

    This is really quite good. Can't wait to see them!

    11. Feb. 2009 Antworten
  • joelc18

    im so glad this is as good as i hoped. such brilliant music. really epic joy division-ey beauts

    2. Feb. 2009 Antworten
  • GrandFisher

    It's a good album. But it's not anything special really. And it does seem the media is making this out to be the best album ev0r, when in fact it all sounds like the ripped off other songs/artists. I'm just glad they took the good bits.

    31. Jan. 2009 Antworten
  • X-atenea-X

    Great album!

    30. Jan. 2009 Antworten
  • hanny1987

    I think it's pretty good. Perhaps not worthy of *all* the fuss its getting but definitely most of it. Fifty on our foreheads is a definite favourite =)

    29. Jan. 2009 Antworten
  • Babs_05

    blinding album

    20. Jan. 2009 Antworten
  • Babs_05

    auto advance!

    20. Jan. 2009 Antworten