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Vibracoustic is the psy trance project of swiss producers Manjit Jus & Lukas Hasler, also known as DJs ABN & Hashiva. The live-act was formed in late 2005 with the aim to bring a fresh, new psychedelic sound onto the swiss psytrance scene – music that would explore the many directions and emotions of the various psy styles. Within just a few months Vibracoustic begun to make a name for themselves in the swiss psy trance scene, with gigs all over the country and in Germany. The creative minds behind Vibracoustic come from international backgrounds and so the young producers felt the need to find a label with a broad worldy view to support them. In the early half of 2006 Vibracoustic was approached by the Bali-based label Shamanelectro (www.shamanelectro.com), a label known for its cutting-edge trance fashion,who were looking to expand beyond fashion into the full-on world of psy-trance. With a strong label backing them, the two young producers began preparing their debut album, “Dark Skies,” released in January 2007.

About the Album:

Many endless, grey and rainy days that could only be escaped in the studio led to the creation “Dark Skies.” Through the two young producers slightly different approach to psy trance a unique sound was created that can only be described as Vibracoustic. Inspired by the various faces of psy trance, the music reflects influences ranging from relaxing progressive grooves to full-on dark madness. The result, an album that is at home on dancefloors just as it is for on the way or at home.



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