Vakill (born Donald Mason, March 21, 1975) is an American rapper from Chicago, Illinois. Vakill is known through his association with Chicago Hip Hop collective The Molemen, and for his literate, witty, punch line-filled lyricism and detailed story-telling.

He is the primary emcee of the Molemen, first gained his passion for hip hop through the breaking element rather than rapping. At eight years old, Vakill was strongly influenced by the music he experienced in his Englewood neighborhood, such as Kraftwerk and Sugar Hill Gang.

As the art form evolved, rapping took precedence over breakdancing. He met Panik in 1991 at the weekly Terrordomehip hop meetings, and together laid the foundation for the Molemen entity.

Vakill’s primary lyrical inspirations are such legendary emcees as Kool G Rap, Ice T, T La Rock, but describes his mind set and style on his groundbreaking record „the Darkest Cloud“ as „Pharoah Monche gone bad“. Vakill believes that through his lyrics he manifests „honest expression“ conveyed in a vivid, unexpected way. Vakill believes that in order to succeed within this industry is to cultivate a strong discipline and devotion to the craft. He believes that the track that best portrays the „full spectrum“ of his personality is „the Creed“ from „The Darkest Cloud“.

Following the EP „Who’s Afraid?“ in 1995, Vakill released a series of singles throughout the mid to late 1990’s, including the classic „Keep the Fame“ in 1997. „The Darkest Cloud“ LP solidified his international notoriety in 2003, and has paved the way for his latest LP „Worst fears Confirmed“ featuring appearances from Ras Kass and Royce 5’9.

Hot off the buzz from last year’s „Worst Fears Confirmed“, Vakill will release his magnum opus „Armor of God.“ This album will once again pair him alongside longtime collaborator Panik, plus guest production from Jake One (G-Unit/Rhymesayers). Vocal guests are still in the works, but are guaranteed to match Vakill’s lyrical prowess. This is a heavily anticipated album that will not let down his core following.

Vakill debuted as a solo artist in 1995, with the release of a cassette titled Who’s Afraid?. He remained on the local scene throughout the late ’90s, making numerous collaborations, and releasing a number of singles, most notably 1996’s „Keep the Fame“, a collaboration with veteran emcee Percee P and future Chicago Hip Hop star Rhymefest. In following years, Vakill contributed tracks to subsequent releases by the Molemen, with „Final Thought“ appearing on the 1997 EP Below the Ground, „Know the Bitness“ appearing on the 1998 EP Buried Alive, „Urban Legend“ appearing on the 2001 album Chicago City Limits, Vol. 1, and „The Equinox“ and „Face Down“ appearing on the 2001 album Ritual of the Molemen. 2001 saw the release of a Vakill compilation titled Kill Em All, featuring all the tracks from Who’s Afraid?, as well as a number of songs and freestyles recorded throughout the ’90s.

The emcee released his long-awaited debut album, The Darkest Cloud, in 2003 on Molemen Records. The album was produced by Molemen members Panik and Memo, DJ Contakt and Mixx Massacre, and featured the single „End of Days“. The album’s sharp lyrics and dark production made it a hit with underground fans, and gave the rapper the most exposure of his career. While acclaimed, the album did not reach past rap’s underground scene, and failed to produce a significant amount of sales. The rapper returned three years later with his second album, Worst Fears Confirmed, released in early 2006. The album featured production from the Molemen, as well as appearances from acclaimed lyricists Ras Kass and Royce Da 5’9“. Reception for the album was overwhelmingly positive, with Allmusic and Prefix Magazine both giving the album a 4 1/2 star rating. The album gave the rapper wider media exposure, leading to features in XXL Magazine and on Vakill was also featured in the Phat Tape section of the November 2006 issue of The Source Magazine, and in its Off The Radar section in the July issue. Vakill is currently recording material for his third studio album, tentatively titled The Armor of God.

Album information
Kill ‘Em All (Compilation album)
Released: September 11, 2001
Label: Molemen Records
The Darkest Cloud
Released: May 5, 2003
Label: Molemen Records
Singles: „End of Days“/“Sickplicity“/“The Creed“
Worst Fears Confirmed
Released: January 31, 2006
Label: Molemen Records

Who’s Afraid? (EP, 1995)
„Flows You Can’t Imagine“ (Single, 2000)
„Out the Speakers“ (Single, 2000)
„Va2K“ (Single, 2000)
„End of Days“ (Single, 2003)

Appears on
1996 „Keep the Fame“ (from the single „Taste of Chicago“ b/w „Keep the Fame“)
1997 „Final Thought“ (from the Molemen EP Below the Ground)
1998 „Know the Bitterness“ (from the Molemen EP Buried Alive)
2001 „Urban Legend“ (from the Molemen album Chicago City Limits, Vol. 1)
2001 „The Equinox“, „Face Down“ (from the Molemen album Ritual of the Molemen)
2002 „It’s On“ (from the DJ Vadim album U.S.S.R.: The Art of Listening)
2005 „Can You Relate“ (from the Molemen compilation Lost Sessions)
2006 „Cold War (Remix)“, „Under the Gun“ (from the Molemen compilation Chicago City Limits, Vol. 2)
2006 „V“ (from the Molemen album Killing Fields)

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