Upcdownc … are an instrumental Rock, Delay, Riff, Kick and Moog 4-piece from Medway, Kent who also indulge in a bit of singing and screeeeaaaming.

Our debut album „And the battle is won“ was released on October 24th, 2005, to rave reviews by the music press (see below), and in 2006, we recorded our first Maida Vale Radio One session, which also included songs from the then unreleased second Album „embers“.

„embers“ finally saw the light of day in 2008 and was released both in Europe and Japan. These two albums have now been discontinued in the UK so go to Japan.

We have since recorded our new (not so) long player „Firewolf“ which we recorded with long standing Upc friend Jim Riley at Ranscombe studios, Rochester and was mastered at Abbey Road studios, London. This album explores a new territory for us and moves away from the old post rock blue print, but still kicks the shit out of most candy-assed shoe-gazers whilst remaining pretty for girls and angry for boys and vice versa.

The wolf was released on Friday 13th Nov 2009 and is distributed in Europe and Japan. It also available on cd and download in the U.K/Europe etc. See www.upcdownc.com/shop for details.


Rocksound Firewolf Review - Although on the outset tongues are firmly in cheeks (the album art looks like one of those wolf T-shirts you see over weight ramblers representing down the local tavern), Upcdownc’s music deserves to be treated with a bit of respect. There are moments of drawn-out doom that tickle the spine, such as the creeping riff of “Smiling bag”, but “Firewolf” is at it’s best when the catharsis gives way to sheer anger. “Black Lodge” expoldes into fits of faraway screaming and the awesomely named “Def Zeppelin” sounds like the onset of a gruesome tribal war. It’s an undeniably stirring offering. 7/10. Michael Copus

The Silent Ballet Firewolf review - Upcdownc have progressed… They have taken their ideas from the previous album and given them an injection of steroids, highlighting the influence of rock music and making it hard to ignore the heavier sound they are creating… An outstanding creation and prove that plenty of emotion can be released in a short span of time. Firewolf is an album that offers something different.

‘Embers’, the follow up to the band’s 2005 debut ‘And The Battle Is Won’ cements their place as one of the leading exponents of underground rock music in the UK – Rocksound “embers” album review. 8/10.

An ever-present warmth prevents Upcdownc from appearing too clinical and emotionally disengaged, while the quality of their tunes dismisses any worries about genre overkill – Kerrang!! “embers” album review. KKKK.

„It’s the collision of two worlds, this is a rock that requires a wider audience, today.“ - Drowned in sound

„Brutal and loud, yet melodic and almost orchestral“ - The Fly

„With riffs as big as fillet steaks and pastoral passages straight outta Middlemarch, And the battle is won is a symphonic sprawl of bucolic tinkering and prolonged colossal feedback that has me reaching for my mathematical dictionary to make sense of it all“ Plan B

„Rarely has the skin been freckled by such tingling static and the soul shaken by continental plate shifting switches in volume“ - Rocksound Live review

Kerrang! album review - 4 KKKK out of 5!
Once the last outpost of pedal junkies, post-rock has now grown and expanded into a diverse and healthy genre, with a lack of vocals and grandiose ambitions as the only real unifying factors. Leading the new vanguard are Up-C Down-C Left-C Right-C ABC + Start - it’s the cheat instruction for ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ - whose debut is a lesson in musical architecture. Segueing some stirring classical into layer upon layer of guitars that crash like the falling pillars of Pompeii, ‘Not Of The Fallen’ is indicative of Up-C’s deft way with creating high drama with guitars in new ways. Their future looks bright. - Kerrang

Weitere Infos: http://www.myspace.com/upcdownc#ixzz0xiYyTWjz

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