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  • ChrisFallout

    One of my favourites from the album. Amazing lyrics and emotion felt in the song. Also, that riff is amazing beautiful.

    Mai 2012
  • matt5496

    LOVE Chris' vocals on this song.

    Mai 2011
  • JustinBattles

    see what you're gonna wanna do is click that little heart up there ^

    Oktober 2010
  • magicflosskitty


    Juni 2010
  • j19singer

    yeah they do kinda sound like smashing pumpkins! I really like it xD

    Februar 2010
  • ImNotInLoveXOXO

    i love this. vocals are amazing, but slightly pumpkins-esque, i'll admit.

    Oktober 2009
  • mike9900

    the singer dose dound like smashing pumpkins on this song but this song is the best one on the album

    Oktober 2009
  • Mikeezybaby

    Sounds like smashing pumpkins, not recon?

    August 2009
  • paoLAWL

    how does this have no shouts? one of the best songs on the album

    Juli 2009