Turboweekend formed in Copenhagen in 2006, as a lovechild between the sexier parts of the cities underground rock/pop, and the increasingly popular and diverse electronic club scene. They signed their first deal with CPH Rec in 2007 and released their debut album ’Night Shift’ in Denmark that same October. An album that nominated the group for Best Act of The Year in the two biggest award shows in Denmark (P3 Gold and Zulu Awards), and which featured the single Into You, a ‘Can’t Miss Hit’ on P3 (Ugen Uundgåelige) the same week as the band performed on the Roskilde Festival upcoming scene.

The band has recently(March 2009) released their second album in Denmark, Ghost Of A Chance, on Mermaid Records (Sony BMG). According to several reviews, the album presents a more fucussed, less sensationalistic, songwriting and production, with roots and branches far beyond the sub culture from which the band initially grew. Mainly centered on the the ins and outs of love, the lyrics also touch on subjects like the demise of cultural prejudice (Colors), escapism or self anihilation (Erase Myself) and metaforical reincarnation (Up With The Smoke - Down The Ash). Production wise the new album sounds a lot less edited and more handplayed, or less like a computer and more like a band in the old sense.

The trio (who on their spring tour 2009 becomes a quartet) is also reknowned for their hardhitting and dynamic liveshows, always worth the morning after. Emitting a powerful current of genrebending disco-rock, low-end indie pop, and electrical soul, the band has played for enthusiastic crowds at venues and festivals in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the US, sharing the bill with acts such as Midnight Juggernauts and Boys Noize.


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