• Tuesday Ten: 90s [Part One]

    15. Apr. 2008, 17:22 von amodelofcontrol

    A few weeks ago I covered ten of my favourite 80s albums. The 90s were the decade where I seriously got into music, and because of the disparate genres I listen to, there is simply no way that I can narrow this down to ten. So, my favourite albums of the 90s is split into two parts, and the second part will follow next Tuesday.

    And it is roughly split by genre, I guess. One part covers metal and industrial, and the other alternative and electro - I'm going to cover the latter this week.

    This is, of course, an entirely subjective list. The albums that are/were important to me are probably entirely different to others who read this, and to me that is half the fun of being into music - no-one's tastes are exactly the same. I've deliberately missed out a couple of the more obvious stuff as I've no doubt mentioned them before!

    Girls Against Boys
    House of GVSB
    Touch & Go
    For a while the darlings of the alt.rock press during the nineties…

    1. Jun. 2006, 1:43 von emizet

    this track came up while i was listening to my radio. it's funny because my friend made a video of this song that i'm in with him.