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  • RachelCarrie

    Tommy Lee - Motley Crue Forever ♥

    November 2014
  • neorxna_wong

    Please separate Tommy Lee Sparta from Tommy Lee Motley Crue. This is getting rather ridiculous.

    Dezember 2013
  • DeValanten

    Who is dat' dirtey niggaz ass, ha?! Give him to Black!!! There can be the one and only Tommy Lee, and he's not the black one, but with niggaz dong size. Fokin' black arse, let's make the collective complaint to the court on him for the unlawful usage of name "Tommy Lee" as a brand, and earnin' some money!

    Oktober 2013
  • Lorelei_94

    April 2013
  • satan_88_level


    April 2013
  • gui_cobretti


    März 2012
  • DeucesAreWild

    so what's this christian album the new album tracker says Tommy Lee is putting out? Has he caught hep C AND religion???

    November 2011
  • blackie-baby vote;)

    September 2011
  • levitate85

    A selection of Rock N' Roll's best brawls. Charlie Watts vs Mick Jagger, Jack White vs Jason Stollsteimer, Kid Rock vs Tommy Lee and Chad Kroeger vs a dentist!

    Juni 2011
  • P0pk1ller

    Pussy Liquor

    April 2011
  • chente922

    His house music with DJ Aero is fuckin awesome... such a talented musician.

    März 2011
  • kleimoment


    November 2010
  • ValeriaSixx vote =)

    Oktober 2010
  • DeValanten

    very talented

    Oktober 2010
  • Lane_nd

    great man!!

    Oktober 2010
  • ThaiHelena

    Happy Birthday ♥

    Oktober 2010
  • Chillachin

    Happy birthday! :)

    Oktober 2010
  • MasturbationFTW

    His dong is big cause he's Greek, FTW!

    September 2010
  • sierena

    His pop-rock solo stuff pretty much suck, he was cool in the 80's, though.

    August 2010
  • Rockation


    August 2010
  • Rockation

    HARD ROCK? HEAVY METAL?? ROCK??????????? THIS IS PEACE OF RAP SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    August 2010

    M A Y H E M

    Juli 2010
  • sammy_ash

    pretty good

    Mai 2010
  • asegura9876

    _____________'$$$$$$$$_________ ____________`$$$$$$$$$$_________________________________,, ____________`$$$$$$$$$$$______________________________$$$$$, _____________`$$$$$$$$$$$____________________________$$$$$$$$ ______________`$$$$$$$$$Z$______uuu_______uuu_______$$$$$$$$" _______________`$ZzZ$$$Z$$$___$$$$$$$___$$$$$$$____$$$$$$$$" ________________`$$$ZZZ$$$$$_$$$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$$$__$$$$$$$$" _________________`$$$$$$$$$$_$$ZZ$$$$$_$$ZZZ$$$$_$$$$$$$$ ____u$$$$$$u______`$$$$$$$$$$_$$$ZZZ$$_$$$$$ZZ$$_$$$$$$$" __$$$$$$$$$$Z$_____`$ZZ$$$ZZZ_$$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$$$_$$$$$$ _$$$$$$$$$$$Z$$$$__$$$$zzz$$$_$$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$$$_$$$$$$" $$$$$$$$$$Z$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_$$ZZ$$$$_$ZZZ$$$$$_$$$$$" ___"$$$$$$$Z$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_$$$$$ZZ$_$_$$$$$$$_$$$$$" ________`$Z$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_$SB$$$__$$_$$$$$$_$$$$" __________`$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$,``"`,$$$$,_``"`,$$$$$" ___________"$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$" _____________"$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$$$$$$$" _______________"$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Mai 2010
  • EwaFate


    April 2010
  • ManiacForces

    "Tommyland: The Ride" .. Haha. Get over yourself man.

    Februar 2010
  • CandySuxx16

    I love Tommy Lee!!!! He's great drummer and vocalist!!!!! And he's very beutiful!!!!!!=)

    Januar 2010
  • GrazyMan

    tommy is best

    Januar 2010
  • TakafumiKosugi

    He's really talented. Great drummer and vocalist!

    November 2009
  • ValeriaSixx

    all his songs are so brilliant!

    November 2009
  • xczarna147x


    Oktober 2009
  • stripesqq


    Oktober 2009
  • Zach216

    Tommy's the man, would love to meet em.

    September 2009
  • xdivine_infekt

    Tommy Lee kicks ass. hes so crazy. just saw him with Crue at Cruefest 2.... amazing show!

    September 2009
  • pink_star23

    no way

    Juli 2009
  • NastaJagger

    I've got his autograph)

    Juni 2009
  • OphiSauRus

    pamelacı seni

    Juni 2009
  • NastaJagger

    I love)

    Mai 2009

    amaazing *___________*

    April 2009
  • Samboraa


    März 2009
  • Deni4cool

    Fuck you all

    März 2009
  • LilyBoleyn


    Februar 2009
  • nitehawk868

    Awesome drummer!

    Februar 2009
  • Pia_rawr

    i love the fact that he can create such diverse music (L) [though I'm not much of a fan of WTF?] but you can't deny that he's an amaaazing guy

    Januar 2009
  • joema11

    The bio is awesome, (born October 3, 1962 in Athens, Greece), better known as Tommy Lee, is a Greek-born American rock and roll musician. Is there really a need to say that he was born in Greece back to back sentences? Also not bet drummer ever, nothing special about him really. If you want to see a good drummer look up Danny Carey.

    Januar 2009
  • gunavara

    tommy is teh shiaat :)

    Dezember 2008
  • slice_g3

    tommy lee rules

    Oktober 2008
  • muscle-museum

    He's my everything

    August 2008
  • Torhall

    Tommy rulz! ^)))

    August 2008
  • OphiSauRus

    tommy tommy tommy (L) Pamela :)

    August 2008