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  • TschanFarang

    real good... tune

    Mai 2012
  • Akitt80

    best moment ever....when loads of uninformed Korn fans realised at the last moment that Therapy? had replaced them @ Big Day out, Milton Keynes, England 1999 HA HA HA

    Januar 2011
  • DookieMestrebug

    It was my fav when I heard Troublegum for th first time, then Trigger Inside took the place..perfect album

    Februar 2010
  • berz82

    great song! Therapy are prob my fave band!

    Dezember 2009
  • StuartLeggett

    awesome track and a top album

    Oktober 2009
  • BeerMonster

    My favourite track from Troublegum, but it's hard to say that as it's an album full of perfect tracks

    August 2009
  • Petur

    Christ! That woman really can't sing... my ears still hurt! I quickly went to listen to the album version to get the bad sound out of my head.

    Mai 2009
  • trackaghost

    Lesley Rankine from Ruby and Silverfish sings on this - so cool!

    Mai 2009
  • revscapegoat


    April 2009
  • tru_dude

    Christ! Siiin...

    Februar 2009
  • SuchAScream

    you're just the same as meeee

    Januar 2009
  • unclemontana

    reveal yourself to me, like cheap pornography

    August 2008