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  • EdwardioNortano


    Juli 2013
  • garyxia

    "posthardcore band with a lot of creativity, talent, and 2 well-produced albums." get the fuck out of here

    Dezember 2010
  • ZgPunx


    November 2010
  • mrnickcooper

    Yeah...Thes tracks are not by the same TYATU listed here. They are probably tracks by that wack band that stole The Young & The Useless' name a coule years after the real band disbanded. The true TYATU no longer exist. The other ones suck. You should delete their tracks.

    Dezember 2008
  • onno

    Actually it was Adam Yauch's band which Adam Horowitz later on joined

    Januar 2008
  • shaggyshaggy

    Yo in case anybody doesn't know, this was the first band of Adam Horowitz from the Beastie Boys, when he was a teenager. They have some really funny songs, like homeboy.

    April 2006