• Dragons invasion

    24. Nov. 2008, 19:52 von petkobogdanov

    the event: Little Dragons@SoHo

    the crowd: electrified by the energy of the dragons/rabbits/volts and dancing like crazy

    the opening actS: Unexpectedly we got some really funky pre-opening by the Santa Barbara electronic/trip-hop act The Volt per Octaves. Wonderful experimentation with the programming accompanied by gorgeous vocals. I think I liked the Glory Box's cover better than the original.

    the official opening act - Gram Rabbit sounded like so many things among which David Bowie, Rammstein,Republica and also had their original elements. In a nutshell, although not my favorite direction, definitely a performance to which you cannot stay indifferent.

    the dragons: Little Dragon is among the most sophisticated bands I have heard. Starting with the exquisite jazz vocals of Yukimi Nagano and her absolutely charging stage behavior (my first association was Roisin Murphy but even crazier and more energetic); the heavy duty Claypool-style base…