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1 Sorry 4:20 21
2 It's just a joke 3:21 12
3 Endless Waves 4:22 10
4 Free To Be Saved 4:22 10
5 mmh_Zzz 5:01 9
6 choral 4:56 9
7 Suzie 3:40 11
8 Each time you pop up 5:37 11
9 Adoration 4:03 10

Über dieses Album

On the press fotograf the four guys in the band sit around a breakfast table of half eaten eggs, instant cacao and yesterday’s newspapers in their coats and act all as if the camera wasn’t there even though all four of them are looking straight into the lense. And despite all of these contradictions, I believe it is easy to talk to them for the length of a beer about common denominators from their musical socialisation, noise rock trivia and subculture tidbits, which positively includes a label that spells noise in the back in big letters or bands that Duane Dennison has been in or still is. Then they will strike the stage and burn the hall down, leave people scarred and smiling happily with the beer in their hands slowly turning stale as the light dims.
Thankfully, the hype around bands with a “the” in front of their name has died down and so it is easy to call them to the fore and spell it out loud that “expressionism” is the musical equivalent of something fueled with gasoline that might blow up at any minute, still you like to tinker with it. And then it goes ka-boom! Nothing for the kids, this is grown up noise rock. Thank you.
The sound of The Striggles is reduced to the max, basic, explosive noise rock. Sometimes they try go into the mechanic animal routine of bass/drum/guitar synchronisation that Shellac (and AC/DC, just to be complete) are masters in. Then they do that kind of twisted, distorted freak blues abomination that made Jesus Lizard into the cult idols of testosterone noise blues.


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