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  • MaximumJoy

    Что, правда?

    vor 25 Tagen
  • kozhwen

    А вы знали, что в переводе на русский язык группа называется "Улицы"?

    letzten Monat
  • brownieboy

    When first heard "Fit but don't you know it" very catchy and would do well in the commercial charts... then the follow up song "Dry your eyes" really epic and knew it would be a #1 song in the uk.. also blinded by the lights was good one too... shame things went shit after that album.

    Dezember 2014
  • resta-oner


    November 2014
  • AndrewBleeker

    A Grand Don't Come For Free....perfection

    Oktober 2014
  • John__Lemon

    lets put on our classics and have a lil dance shall we? ' btw what is this malarky about his accent? original pirate material is probably his most 'organic'. and it sounds pretty cockney to me..

    September 2014
  • surajsharma

    We need the streets back please! [3]

    August 2014
  • ProfJuju

    missing brum <3

    August 2014
  • UhhhBill

    loving it

    Juni 2014
  • SociopathYouth

    stay positive

    Mai 2014
  • FerAnchus

    This music is so fun

    März 2014
  • MaKsIFcHa


    Januar 2014
  • Loginquitas

    Aye what the fuck happened to him anyway.

    Dezember 2013
  • sooophiaow

    Dezember 2013
  • elesde86

    i miss Mike Skinner...:/

    November 2013
  • Tom_7

    Ah, Mike <3

    November 2013
  • TylerSymes

    @Madcapism I think he meant mainstream wise. Most UK so called rap is pop rap like N-Dubz or Tini.

    Oktober 2013
  • Madcapism

    "He is the only UK rapper who didn't change that much and didn't make corny auto-tune/dubstep/electro music." Must not know much about UK hiphop then.

    September 2013
  • Somoff

    The future is not evil The future is not fish and it's simple, it's efficient

    September 2013
  • pixielandjazz

    homemade bongs using my engineering degree

    August 2013
  • naqti

    brummies ftw, one of not many worthy things made in this city

    August 2013
  • smlinarcik

    He sounds like a Dalek on War of the Sexes when he exclaims "That is not going to happen!"

    Mai 2013
  • brunogramacho

    dry your eyes, mate

    Mai 2013
  • yogibear520

    We need the streets back please! [2]

    April 2013
  • bobolson

    I love this guy and how unlike most of the uk rappers, he doesnt take himself seriously at all

    März 2013
  • elesde86

    We need the streets back please!

    Februar 2013
  • no-thanks

    Does anyone know the story behind Computers & Blues? There was a promo version that leaked way before the final one that was infinitely better because that awful dude from The Music or whatever wasn't anywhere near it, and Trust Me was a lot longer, as it deserves to be. People rave about Computers and Blues like it was all they expected out of Mike's goodbye record but I just can't figure out why when it had so much more potential.

    Februar 2013
  • muffinpardeeey


    Februar 2013
  • sander386

    Stopping my sharkin' for a minute to get some chips and drinks

    Februar 2013
  • yogibear520

    cute guy

    Februar 2013
  • Yeah_Brah

    Still one of the best UK rappers/artists. He is the only UK rapper who didn't change that much and didn't make corny auto-tune/dubstep/electro music. Look at Professor Green, Example and Dizzee Rascal - they are all corny now, making shitty club songs for teenagers. Skinner is not like that.

    Dezember 2012
  • onestoploser

    None of it fucking matters. Mike Skinner knows what the fuck goes on. Even though he's tasted the celeb juice, dude is still cornered.

    Dezember 2012
  • tigago

    Oi, oi..

    November 2012
  • KolzTT

    I love sing Trust me. What is Thumberland? I'am Russian, i don't no... Thx.

    Oktober 2012
  • Rydia69

    In the eyes of society, i need to be in jail. For the choice of herbs i inhale.

    Oktober 2012
  • Ivcoe

    A Grand Don't Come for Free > Orinal Pirate Material > all the rest.

    Oktober 2012
  • TheStateOfBliss

    Love his accent.

    Oktober 2012
  • pchla_szahrajka

    September 2012
  • Mdjaer

    Hello! I'm Terry and i'm a law abider!

    September 2012
  • traqua89

    Im dancing with one foot

    September 2012
  • jaman74


    August 2012
  • Yieldy

    Come back Mike, we need you!

    August 2012
  • justinehering

    I must admit I enjoy this gent way more than expected.

    August 2012
  • Skydroog

    An urban poet.

    August 2012
  • xXx_Feebie_xXx


    August 2012
  • Skog-1

    Please don't stop making music.

    August 2012
  • testeNINA

    Mike Skinner is a genius.

    August 2012
  • Wonka_yea

    "could well be in" sounds good in early morning

    Juli 2012
  • surajsharma

    @podgethebastard: i wouldn't say a word till i've walked a mile in your shoes, but once a mile from you I'll utter what the fuck I choose Wearing nice new shoes

    Juli 2012
  • podgethebastard

    original pirate material was dope the rest is whack

    Juli 2012