The Sound of Animals Fighting is a musician collective from the United States with members spread across the country. The group was brought together by Rich Balling and was a free forum for exploring ideas outside of the realm of its members’ respective bands. They released a trilogy of records between the years 2004 and 2008, and performed only four live shows ever, following their second release in 2006.


The Sound of Animals Fighting is The Nightingale, The Walrus, The Lynx, and The Skunk. Many friends and musicians have stopped by to collaborate, hang out, and record on songs throughout the band’s short history, namely on the second album, Lover, the Lord Has Left Us, leading to a unique method of recording.


The group performed only one small run of shows in Southern California and Las Vegas from August 24 to August 27, 2006. Matt Embree (Rx Bandits), Anthony Green (Circa Survive), Cinematic Sunrise (members of Chiodos), and Technology (Rx Bandits’ Chris Tsagakis’ side project) were the opening acts. Prior to the shows, it was difficult to envision which members would be performing at the live shows; Rx Bandits members Matt Embree, Steve Choi, Chris Tsagakis, and bassist Joe Troy were a few of the confirmed musicians. The band released a DVD documenting the shows entitled „We Must Become The Change We Want To See.“

A partial list of performers at the shows include Matt Embree, Steve Choi, Chris Tsagakis, Joe Troy, Ryan Baker, Chris Sheets (Rx Bandits), Anthony Green, Craig Owens, Rich Balling, Brad Bell, Rich Zahniser, and Keith Goodwin. Aaron Nagel and Norton Wisdom (see Banyan) did live paintings on stage during the band’s set. Nagel’s painting was placed on eBay on September 15, 2006 and was up for bidding until September 25, when bidding closed at $930; proceeds from the sale went go to charity.

The Nightingale posted the following message on the fifth of September, regarding the four shows and the future of the band.

The anticipated, four shows have come and gone, and you all were part of the success!Wow . . . to think we all had our doubts about how to organize everyone and everything. Planes arrived on the 21st and the band met for the first time. There was an instant vibe . . . the same vibe that threaded the studio work together so well was ever-present. Practice went on the next two days and we banged it out. Big thanks to the family: not just the musicians but to the Golden Bear Group (Charlie Adams and Nate Israel), our tour manager Sal Torres, our beloved soundman Pavan, and Hollis Marcus, Charlene Rogers. Thanks to the painters Norton Wisdom and Aaron Nagel for incorporating their talents as well.

So what now? Well, we continue to suck each others dicks while thriving on your support and enthusiasm. The reaction that we have all got about the shows has really been special and made it all worth it. Will the east coast ever get their four shows? Will the UK.? Probably not, but then again, the magic we felt over this last weekend was strong, and wouldn’t be a bad thing to feel again. I guess it will depend on how we all wake up each morning between now and . . .

Let us not forget the ultimate reason these shows even happened: all of you that find joy in listening to the music we create. We did it so that at least a portion of you would be able to witness us give thanks to your support and see the songs come alive at least once.

A final thank you to Kyle Homme, Lizzie Small, Josie Zuill, Scott and the DVD crew, Matt Galle, Dave Shapiro, Greg and Tom and all at Equal Vision Records, Bryan Sheffield, House Of Blues, Kelli, Multi-Media Tyler, Josh, Jeff, Everytime I Light, Sound Matrix, and everyone else that helped make the one party, two practices, and four shows happen.

The Nightingale

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