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The Sewer Rats


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They have come a long way with their second full lenght album „Wild at Heart“. But it might as well will get them very far…
And in deed, those two years in the making was just the time it took the SEWER RATS to create another great record and a worthy follow-up to the band’s debut „Rat Attack“. The album „Wild at Heart“ contains twelve rock n roll street anthems full of love for the subculture and juvenile rebellion. At one moment we are hit hard by the bad-ass call to arms „All My Friends“ and next thing you know „Caroline“ proves how much those guy love catchy melodies and of corse Social Distortion. Rockabilly meets Punk is the winning formula in the restless yet sassy „Would It Be Alright“ and the record’s title track shows that The SEWER RATS know how to tell a good story in the vein of Springsteen. And they are certainly not afraid of some grand emotions or a good dose of pathos. Much rather they care about delivering kick ass live shows full of sweat and all-night dancing. However, the boys are also capable of shifting down a gear without losing the slightest bit of passion or vigor which they strikingly demonstrate with the heavy hearted and sorrow-laden „Heartbreaker“, a song that really lives up to its name. And the first girl’s heart they’ve taken by storm alreday, that’s for sure, and a very talented one indeed: Sarah Blackwood of the Creepshow, with whom the boys are good friends, joins singer Chris Gin for some additional vocals on „Would It Be Alright“ and „Lucky Star“.




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