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1 Ruby Tuesday 3:14 389.782
2 Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow? 2:34 65.800
3 Let's Spend the Night Together 3:36 269.901
4 Lady Jane 3:08 153.362
5 Out Of Time 3:22 96.433
6 My Girl 2:38 30.090
7 Back Street Girl 3:27 27.384
8 Please Go Home 3:17 32.045
9 Mother's Little Helper 2:45 228.129
10 Take It or Leave It 2:46 39.820
11 Ride On Baby 2:53 6.544
12 Sittin' On A Fence 3:03 27.856

Über dieses Album

Released: 8/27/2002
Label: ABKCO Records

FLOWERS is a compilation of UK tracks and singles put together by Decca Records (UK) in 1967, including tracks that appeared on the English versions of AFTERMATH and BETWEEN THE BUTTONS.
The Rolling Stones: Mick Jagger (vocals); Brian Jones, Keith Richards (guitar, background vocals); Bill Wyman (bass); Charlie Watts (drums).

This album represents a turning point for the Stones. Though they had not yet fully integrated the baroque aspirations of pop into their music, the flower-power influence had nonetheless begun to take root. While all the earlier elements of their sound are still firmly in place, in the folky „Backstreet Girl“ and the relentlessly rocking „Let’s Spend The Night Together,“ new sounds also crop up. Cuts like the woodwind-sweetened ballad „Ruby Tuesday“ and the Middle Eastern-tinged „Mother’s Little Helper“ set the stage for the full-blown head-trip that would unveil itself later that year on THEIR SATANIC MAJESTIES REQUEST.

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