Sound Surroundings

Project: Mooncircle
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    Titel     Dauer Hörer
1 Intro 2:22 9.213
2 One of These Days kostenloser Download 3:54 17.062
3 Oscuros Angeles ft Curra Suarez 3:26 291
4 Demagogues (ft Pax) 4:14 1.652
5 Look Again 5:27 8.594
6 Goin' Down ft Terryman 3:25 302
7 My Own Advice ft Unorthadox 3:11 208
8 Pulse ft. BLS 2:20 1.404
9 Split Personality Pt II 5:06 3.677
10 Trouble With Me 5:02 7.952
11 Trouble Dub (Outro) 0:51 6.136

Über dieses Album

Out of the Netherlands now comes forth a new generation of Dutch Masters: The Q4 – The QuadraphoniQuartet (Arts The Beatdoctor, Sense & STW).
Three individual names, with individual styles, combine forces and together reach a new plateau in sample composition. Hundreds of obscure records where chopped to their bare essentials to collectively create this multi-dimensional sound trip: Sound Surroundings offers a new look on a retro sound system: Quadraphonic music. Although this time around, it’s not 4 speakers, but 3 musicians and 1 listener creating the square of sound.

Features: Curra Suarez, Pax, Terryman, Unorthadox & BLS. Artwork & original paintings by Gordon & letterings by the Binh.

All instruments played by Arts, Sense and STW except:
Scratches on “Intro” and “Trouble Dub” by DJ Genaro
Saxophone on “Look Again” by Mick John-Hopkins
Rhodes on “Split Personality Part II” by Guido “Quintessence” Maat
Cello on ëíPulseíí by Maciej Stachurski
All vocals recorded at Arts’ Tuinhuis except for “Pulse”, recorded at Sense’s Woonboot
Mixed & Mastered by Bas Vermolen for Arts The Beatdoctor Music

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