• Friday Random Ten (Rainy Day edition)

    29. Jun. 2007, 19:09 von lauramich

    Or, the "I'm Not Really a Lesbian, But You Wouldn't Know It From My Music Choices" edition:

    1. Go, Indigo Girls

    This song rocks. My IG listening has waned in recent years, but I still really like most of the Amy Ray songs.

    2. Get Out The Map, Indigo Girls

    ...as opposed to the Emily Saliers songs, most of which (dare I admit it) kind of bore me lately.

    3. Keep On Growing, Sheryl Crow

    Ahh, the Boys on the Side soundtrack. I listened to this a lot during the summer of 1995, when I did a study-abroad in Spain. (I even saw this movie still in a local theatre, I think in Madrid—Solo Ellas.)

    4. Malibu, Hole

    Probably my favorite Hole song.

    5. Amber Waves, Tori Amos

    One of my favorite Tori songs when I first started getting into Tori last summer. It's since been supplanted by others, but I still really like it.

    6. Goodbye Caroline, Aimee Mann

    Since I've been using "Random Play" more in iTunes lately, I've "discovered" some songs that I hadn't listened to enough before. …