• Best of Christmas

    6. Dez. 2005, 16:39 von plank201

    Well, the festive season is pretty much upon us, so here is a list of my favourite seasonal songs.

    5) Christmas Carol
    'God rest ye merry merchants, may ye make the yuletide pay...'
    Says it all, really.

    4) I Believe in Father Christmas
    Oh, I love this song. It's just great, ok?

    3) Stop the Cavalry
    Boba-boba-bom-bom, boba-boba-bom, boba-bom-bom-boba-bom, boba-bom-bom...

    2) Do They Know It's Christmas?
    I'm sorry! I know it's mega-cliche, but I can't resist Bono, the loveable git, singing 'Well tonight thank God it's them, instead of you!' Better still, however, was Mitch Benn's spoof of it for The Now Show:

    'It's Christmastime,
    And you are eating yourselves to death,
    At Christmastime,
    Between mince pies, try to pauase for breath,
    'Cause in your world of plenty,
    You are spreading acroos the room,
    Get your arse up off the couch,
    At Christmastime.

    'We say a prayer,
    For the enormous ones!
    By Boxing day,
    They will weigh a quarter of a tonne,
    There's a world outside the window,