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  • Monade2010

    (◕ ‿ ◕) (◕ ‿ -) (◠‿◠)

    letzten Monat
  • Rodrigo_AT

    Veronica Mars ♥

    Juli 2013
  • Cure1980

    Pschedelic Rock Sound to Sylvester 2012

    Dezember 2012
  • pankamyk

    very strongly addictive

    August 2012
  • Muchete

    einfach nur nice!

    Dezember 2011
  • va_G

    the main theme is probably inspired by Black dog's ''Clan (Mongol Hordes)'' .

    Juni 2011
  • schokoshake

    Wonderful song! The Text is so beautiful. This song makes me sad too but by now I see the positvie in it: "rub of the rust. ... today I will step out of your past.' - I think the message is judt true, if you can't be together with the person you want you have to go on with life anyway.

    März 2011
  • ShannonCohrs

    so schön traurig...

    Dezember 2010
  • musicfiende

    the amount of love i have for this song cannot be measured. <3

    August 2010
  • shobhnaguerin

    the amount of love i have for this song cannot be measured. <3

    Juli 2010
  • ssidbroadcast

    I have this set to my ringtone.

    Mai 2010
  • Calimero_jr

    Somehow this reminds me of Motorpsycho's Feel from the Timothy's Monster LP [2]

    März 2010
  • Dinkelkeks1993

    ja, wahrhaftig großartig, und zauberhaft noch dazu :)

    März 2010
  • dertischa

    großartig, einfach nur großartig...

    März 2010
  • krille89

    the first notwist song I heard... long time ago.. still amazing :)

    Januar 2010
  • lauraoyeah


    Januar 2010
  • navenr

    why did it take me 7 years to buy this?

    Dezember 2009
  • lennys_mary

    Weilheim rules...

    November 2009
  • Simon_FM

    Makes me shiver, it's just stunning. I can't get over how amazing his voice is.

    November 2009
  • chlindh

    Somehow this reminds me of Motorpsycho's Feel from the Timothy's Monster LP

    November 2009
  • lennys_mary

    Jungs, ihr macht ne suppa Mukke! Einfach Klasse!

    November 2009
  • Verrauchen


    Oktober 2009
  • dholloran

    i always miss the call, thats why i dont pick up

    Oktober 2009
  • Antonionii


    Oktober 2009
  • blacknail

    Pick up the phone, and answer me at last...

    September 2009
  • SamSpearman

    love this

    September 2009
  • RichKlein


    Juli 2009
  • kerboomzar


    Juli 2009
  • maxindie

    moore music

    Mai 2009
  • Datenverkehr


    Mai 2009
  • manau-says-hy

    das is weilheim.

    Mai 2009
  • marco_sch


    April 2009
  • AllyCatBabydoll

    mm mmmm mmm

    März 2009
  • carolina48

    ..cada tema, más in love!

    März 2009
  • floyderistic


    März 2009
  • CaptureTheCat

    unbelievably CRAPPY

    März 2009
  • Mariechen1989

    wuah, gestern ne Veronica Mars Folge reingezogen und diesen wundervollen Song entdeckt! Wie konnte ich den beim ersten Schauen nur überhört haben??

    März 2009
  • Deebra

    This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.

    Februar 2009
  • eymensg

    zirp schnarr..kann was eigen schön

    Februar 2009
  • TheGeed


    Januar 2009
  • DJ_NST

    i know this through the video. fresh lovely

    Januar 2009
  • charlymuc

    Wen ruf ich jetzt an...............

    Dezember 2008
  • SuperColleter


    Dezember 2008
  • holgi123

    Makes think about good old times when I met these guys in a small village called Lemgo ... At that time they played in front of 70 people ...

    Dezember 2008
  • yomanhiphopper

    gives me goosebumps all brilliant..wouldn't be the same without those awesome electro beats in the verses

    Dezember 2008
  • ncrln81

    "Today I will step out of your past." - damn gloomy...

    November 2008
  • borges69

    just a dream

    November 2008
  • juko02

    all-time favourite... looove this band!!!

    Oktober 2008
  • inphanta

    Today I will step out of your past...

    Oktober 2008
  • lagginswag

    genius, this guy

    Oktober 2008