Our Love Will Last Forever and Ever (1:58)

Cover von Revenge Is Sweet, and So Are You

Aus Revenge Is Sweet, and So Are You

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How long will our love last? I'm very glad you asked, cause if the world don't end, and the sun don't blot out from the sky, and we don't get drive-by shot, and if we kiss each other a lot, our love will last forever and ever.
Love is strong enough, of course, to withstand almost any force, so if the world don't end, and we're not destroyed, and if the earth's not hit by an asteroid (that's something to avoid) our love will last forever and ever.
Oh, here we go. Isn't it nice to know our love will last forever and ever?
I think you and me are valid: we're two caterpillars in the salad, and that's the way it's supposed to be. We're old and weather-beaten. We haven't yet been eaten, but that's no guarantee.

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