Look Back and Crack (2:59)

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They told you that you could be anything you want to be you just have to choose now your life's a living hell cause you're stuck with yourself and we're stuck with you you're with it hip to it up on it but you're still a wreck and one day someday you'll look back and crack don't say you won't cause you know you will later on you're gonna crack get used to it everywhere you've ever been you've felt cut out and pasted in you think that's gonna change? just try not to think about how everything just fizzled out work with what remains you're thinking, sinking, feel just like you're in a trap all this tension something has to snap don't say it won't cause you know you will down the road you're gonna crack get used to it don't say you won't cause you know that you're gonna crack look back and crack and in fact you may have already cracked.

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