From the Rock ‘n’ Roll underground of Gothenburg to outer space! The Movements have been through a lot during the bands´ lifetime. They´ve survived everything from cancer, car crashes, the taxman and the strains of endless hard touring, doing several spins around Europe. From St. Petersburg to Sardinia and from Tromsø to Liverpool. Name a place and they probably have played there.

Their music can be described as psychedelic garagerock, even though it is not always that simple to label it. The Movements share a big love for catchy choruses and shattering hooks but also for loosing it completely in spacey jams.

The Movements was formed during the early years of the new millenium by bass-player Daniel “Dolly” Pettersson. He intended to form a band which could brake free from genre trends but still keeping it true to the original feeling of yesterdays´ Rock ‘n’ Roll. In 2002 Dolly was wrongfully sentenced to five years in prison. The band decided to temporarily replace him on the bass with Daniel “Jokkmokk” Eriksson, and with this young sami from northern Sweden, they recorded and released their famous first EP “Drag me up” on Lonestar records in 2004.

Since then several albums have been released on various labels such as Alleycat Records, Sulatron Records, Teen Sound Records and sometimes they work closely together with producer Björn Olsson (Soundtrack of our lives, Mando Diao, Ceasars). One of the albums was even brought and played in Space at Space station ISS by Swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang!

While not on tour they hang out in their own recording studio built inside an old parking garage down in the harbour of Gothenburg.

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