The Morning Benders began as a solo project in 2005 and had been founded by the music student, Chris Chu, who now is the leader, singer and one of the guitarist. Chris started recording songs with his cheap guitar and an old laptop. He then was accompanied by various musicians until later on the final band members joined.
Thus he was affiliated by the contemporary members, his brother Jonathan Chu who is also responsible for the guitar plus the keys and Julian Haramon who plays the drums.

In their early years the Morning Benders played small gigs in wicked clubs and promoted themselves via viral marketing.
After releasing their first album „Talking Through Tin Cans“ and touring with other indie bands they received bodacious reviews including the nomination of i-Tunes for the best album of 2008. Therefore the Morning Benders decided to move their base to Brooklyn, New York where they have found new sourced to be inspired. Under the influence of bands like Beach House, Grizzly Bear or Dirty Protectors they produced their current album “Big Echo”.

- Veröffentlichungen -

* Talking Through Tin Cans (2008)
* Big Echo (2010)

* Loose Change (2006)
* Boarded Doors (2007)
* Waiting for a War (2008)
* The Bedroom Covers (2008)
* Grain of Salt (2009)

* The Bedroom Covers (2008)
* Lemonade - Skin & Bones (2009)

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