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The Lyricists


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… The Lyricists are a gifted and talented Hip-Hop group that hails out of Port Huron Michigan. The group came together in 1995 and consists of two emcee’s: Illtone and Rym-Benda, along with a recently added member of the group who serves as their DJ; Haus Diesal a.k.a. DJ Dagwood. The Lyricists are able to craft a unique sound that combines „rhymes to beats, beats to rhymes“ chemistry with the help from their producers, Pro-Logic and Know-it-All, whom reside in Canada. The charismatic team drops conscience rhymes and display witty wordplay over comfortable melodies creating a mix that keeps listening fresh and entertaining. The chemistry shared between the team during their live performances brings out an extra energy that enhances the groups stage presence allowing the music and lyrics to speak for themselves. In 2000, The Lyricists released their debut album titled „Outta Nowhere“, in reference to their location in Michigan. After working hard to get their name known and promoting themselves, The Lyricists dropped their second release in 2003 titled „Anti-Industry“. The title opposing the virtual machine which controls the state of hip-hop on a commercial level was the inspiration and motivation to their direction and sound they created. The groups most current release, „L3“, short for level 3, symbolizes their third time around on a professional production together as artists who continue to elevate. You can hear The Lyricists on and in rotation on various internet radio stations from …Smoothbeats.com… out of Philadelphia to …Vinylexchange.com… out of San Francisco.



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