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The Hated


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The Hated was an Annapolis, Maryland punk rock band from 1985 to 1990. The original members were Mike Bonner, Erik Fisher, Daniel Littleton, and Colin Meeder. The Hated are known as one of the earliest Emo bands.

Discography 1985— “A Crabtowne Comp.” compilation tape of Annapolis-area bands (Tracks: Touch It, I Don’t Like You, Heart Attack, Martyrs on a Reason, No Meaning, Crime, We Are the Cheese)(Vermin Scum)

1985— Demo Tape (aka “The Best Pice (sic) of Shit”) (Tracks: Hey Mister, I Don’t Like You, Somewhere, Intro/Your Mind, Words Come Back, No Meaning, Hate Me, The Good Old Days, Touch It)

1985— “No More We Cry” 7” (Tracks: Hey Mister, Waiting, Rubber Bullets, Words Come Back)(Vermin Scum)

1986— Demo Tape (aka “No More We Cry”) later re-released on vinyl as “What Was Behind”; tape is correctly mastered, vinyl mastered at the wrong speed

1987— “Like The Days” 2x7” (Tracks: Underground, Not Mine, Damned Heart, Psalm)(Vermin Scum)

1989— “Panx Vinyl Zine 03” 7” compilation (Track: Ballad)(Panx)

1989— “Everysong” 12” (Tracks: Anonymous Descriptions of Uncontrollable Urges, These are the Days, Return, Pride & Confusion, Knocking on your Door, Promises, Someone) (Vermin Scum)

1990— “Wedge” 7” compilation (Track: I Am a Rock)(Simple Machines)

1992— “What Was Behind” 12” (Tracks: What Was Behind, Untold Mess, Waiting, Less Than Nothing, What Was Behind, Fortunate One, Never Is Allways, Departure, Ballad, Everysong, No More We Cry)(Vermin Scum)




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