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  • jimmystagger

    "There aren't events near you for this artists".... well no, sadly, there wouldn't be. RIP JLP.

    Juli 2014
  • Storchel

    Love it!

    September 2013
  • DavCnuk

    fuckin perfect

    September 2013
  • bazooka-joe76

    still impressed...

    Mai 2013
  • chaoszac

    Congo Norvell was a band led by guitarist Kid Congo Powers and vocalist Sally Norvell. Congo Norvell formed in 1990 after Powers and Norvell met at the deathbed of a friend in Los Angeles. Congo Norvell - She's Like Heroin to Me:

    Januar 2013
  • chaoszac

    you really should check out the version by Congo Norvell

    Januar 2013
  • PennyTraition

    Iggy's like Heroin to me...Heroin is even more like Heroin to me...Both is BLISS. This whole album is excellent, not really noticed enough and right up there with the Greats. Kudos, J.L.P.

    Januar 2013
  • strutterf

    rad as fuck

    Januar 2013
  • Pogost_Net

    The best thing to touch on simply easier and safer Pension rules unambiguously.

    November 2012
  • Rancido

    Jeffrey Lee doesn't sound like Frank Black. Frank Black sounds like Jeffrey Lee Pierce.[2]

    September 2012
  • helloimjoshua

    great song

    April 2012
  • Hackpastete

    haters gonna hate.

    Februar 2012
  • pyramidExpander

    This is a live version not from 'Fire of Love' album.

    Dezember 2011
  • Riff55

    Nope. Jeffrey Lee doesn't sound like Frank Black. Frank Black sounds like Jeffrey Lee Pierce.

    November 2011
  • LostImeem

    No, it isn't just you, ClenchedTeeth.

    Oktober 2011
  • aloismockbarbar

    lovin it

    September 2011
  • clenchedteeth

    is it just me or does he sound just like frank black/black francis from the pixies here?

    August 2011
  • negima696


    August 2011
  • viriatomata


    August 2011
  • Power-On-Off

    Perfect valentines day song!

    Februar 2011
  • Hellraiser917


    Oktober 2010
  • homerowildthing

    gun club is a true rock 'n' roll band

    Juli 2010
  • cleverity

    this is so unbelievably good

    Mai 2010
  • nocturana


    März 2010
  • drainagerelated

    its a love tourniquet

    März 2010
  • MinkCote

    the voice is frightningly similar to Lou Reed's...

    März 2010
  • Dette04


    Februar 2010
  • micheljugnet

    oh ouiiiii!

    Januar 2010
  • nocturana


    Dezember 2009
  • tomrud73

    wow!!! i never knew this was a Gun Club song? or maybe i just have a crappy memory? well, regardless, pretty solid

    Dezember 2009
  • chamaleonicann

    yeah!!... she cannot...

    November 2009
  • Aristotlekh


    Oktober 2009
  • gothabillygoil

    I want to be like Heroin to someone... How Romantic! >.<

    September 2009
  • kevster007

    I miss taking pills I found On the floor....[love this band]

    August 2009
  • luckylollyme

    i miss 80's hair....

    Juli 2009
  • stu-urns

    Hell yeah!

    Juni 2009
  • PsychonautCosta

    Heroin? Cocain? NO Weed? Marijuana? Cannabis? YES LSD? XTC? Sometimes Alcohol? Beer? Whiskey? Rum? Vodka? oh YES

    Juni 2009
  • Liloucat


    Mai 2009
  • lumberjacob

    i love these guys

    April 2009

    Best song on GREAT alb...

    April 2009

    One of the best alb in 700 collection.!!

    April 2009
  • XeuchridX

    One of the best albums in my collection...

    März 2009
  • angusnil


    März 2009
  • menunu

    This is really good.

    März 2009
  • zinc69


    Februar 2009
  • hollytothemoody

    God damn, I love this band far too much for my own good.

    Februar 2009
  • Dimensamick

    I'd forgotten how much i love the Gun club

    Dezember 2008
  • AcornAshcan

    great song.

    Dezember 2008
  • Tyke714

    She cannot miss a vein

    November 2008
  • kontrasti

    So influental:)

    Oktober 2008