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The Field


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Axel Willner, better known by the stage name The Field, is a techno artist based in Stockholm, Sweden.


In 2005, Willner submitted a demo tape to the German indie label Kompakt and was subsequently signed. He released his first 12“, a demo mixtape of Annie’s „Heartbeat“ in 2005 as well as a 12“ featuring the track „Things Keep Falling Down“. In 2006, „Sun & Ice“ 12“ was released.
Later in 2007, Willner became the first musician to take part in the Nordic Light Hotel’s „Sound of Light“ concept. After staying at the hotel, Wilner used the experience as the basis for his EP of the same name.

Willner uses the software Jeskola Buzz and live instrumentation, mixing and recording tracks live for each album.
„The Field“ is not Axel Willner’s only moniker. He also writes music under stage names Lars Blek, porte, Cordouan and James Larsson. He was also a member of Speedwax.
A new album was released on May 18th 2009 called ‘Yesterday & Today’. It features six new tracks and a collaboration with Battles drummer John Stanier.



* From Here We Go Sublime (2007)
* Yesterday and Today (2009)


* Sound of Light (2007)


* „Things Keep Falling Down“ (2005)
* „Sun & Ice“ (2006)
* „The More That I Do“ (2009)


* Annie - „My Heartbeat“ (2005)
* Marit Bergman - „No Party“ (2006)
* James Figurine - „55566688833“ (2006)
* 120 Days - „Come Out (Come Down, Fade Out, Be Gone)“ (2006)
* Battles - „Tonto“ (2007)
* The Honeydrips - „Fall From a Height“ (2007)
* Thom Yorke - „Cymbal Rush“ (2007)
* Maps - „You Don’t Know Her Name“ (2007)




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