Session 04 (1:16)

Cover von The Mother, The Mechanic, And The Path

Aus The Mother, The Mechanic, And The Path

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(You see the deal was, her parents would take care of the kid until they got their feet on the ground. Cause they both have full time jobs and weren't financially stable yet, so they say. But her mom would always ask, "when are you gonna pick up Dean?" the baby. And they'd say they didn't have the time or they weren't ready. Ya know time passed quick and he wasn't a baby anymore. None of them really had the heart to tell him that his parents were too busy for him, didn't have time for him. He never knew that his aunt and uncle were actually his mom and dad.)
So they never picked him up?
(No, but they did however send checks every week to pay for all his expenses.)
Well that's good, but I thought they couldn't afford it, that was why they couldn't pick him up right?

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