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  • eastbayrascal

    i miss zach playing with them.

    Juni 2011
  • essenceoftong

    new album is definitely gonna be one of the best of 2011, so catchy

    April 2011
  • Manoloxines

    cool soundz!

    Januar 2011
  • KidFlatulant


    September 2010
  • Nickandroff

    The Cute Lepers are pretty good, but nothing special for me. Still miss The Briefs...

    Mai 2010
  • kvzuky

    New record is pretty great.

    Dezember 2009
  • veganfishcake

    The Cute Lepers are a brilliant band!

    Oktober 2009
  • schyleres

    got to see them with the queers...then i wrecked my car =(

    Juni 2009
  • bigwillch

    wow, Terminal Boredom is Safe European Home redux

    Juni 2009
  • srta_amnesia

    modern pest!:)

    März 2009
  • lacent

    fun stuff.

    Januar 2009
  • nuclearrabbit33

    Prove It is the best Elvis Costello rip-off evah

    Dezember 2008
  • tengteng

    one of the best albums in 2008

    November 2008
  • leftofthedial

    Great band from my city.

    Oktober 2008