The Blackout Argument
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27. Apr. 2007
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1 Cast A Cold Eye 1:54 1.177
2 Matchless 2:34 1.240
3 Reflecting Dialogue kostenloser Download 3:11 2.165
4 Forever Yours kostenloser Download 3:51 2.111
5 So Much You and Me 3:31 2.401
6 Desire For Absolution 3:02 981

Über dieses Album

This EP has been written and recorded in only 6 weeks. These five songs could not be more straight-forward and honest, qualities that are becoming more and more a rarity. Both EPs (“Munich Angst” & “Munich Valor”), which have also been released as a limited 2xCD-packaging, merge to a oneness that displays the whole lifecycle of a human being in the anonymity and isolation of our modern world.

Label: Bastardized Recordings
Format: MCD, DoubleMCD & Digital download
Releasedate: April, 2007
Written: between January 2007 and February 2007

Recordings: Suiseidl Studios, Munich, February 2007
Mixing: Suiseidl Studios, Munich, March 2007
Mastering: Suiseidl Studios, Munich, March 2007
Artwork & Layout: Chrisjitsu, Burning West
Line Up on these recordings: Christoph Zehetleitner, Philip Seidl, Sinan Akilli, Christoph Lochmann, Sascha Laumann
Guest-Appearances: Robert Ehrenbrandt (Boy Sets Fire) played bass on these recordings

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