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  • RedDevil1989

    So ahead of its time its ridiculous [7]

    vor 16 Tagen
  • ankursatriani

    This is why the Beatles are the best!

    letzten Monat
  • musicmisc

    the most uncharacteristic Beatles track, but probably their best

    Juli 2014
  • sls

    I still have the LP copy of Revolver I picked up at a garage sale when I was about 8. I remember this being one of my favorite tracks on the record, to the extent that I would drop the needle down on the last track of side B to hear this specific song. Now this wasn't in the 60s, but I was still blown away. I think that wonder, the sense of freshness, served to inspire my later exploits in the world of music, especially of the experimental or at least new-to-me variety.

    Juli 2014
  • RoomForSymmetry

    Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream...

    Juli 2014
  • BiIIyShears

    Best Beatles song. [2] For sure, really wish they made more songs like this, it's so damn amazing.

    Juli 2014
  • theironictea

    I can just imagine people in 1966 hearing this for the first time... "HOLY SHITE"

    Juli 2014
  • babyruthless234

    So ahead of its time its ridiculous [6] Yeah, just amazing!

    Juni 2014
  • The_SchizoidMan

    Best Beatles song.

    Mai 2014
  • crushed_candy

    So ahead of its time its ridiculous [5]

    Mai 2014
  • mynameisecho

    So ahead of its time its ridiculous [4]

    Mai 2014
  • LucasLinoMota

    So ahead of its time its ridiculous [3]

    Mai 2014
  • enxe3

    So ahead of its time its ridiculous [2]

    April 2014
  • Oppressotron

    The birth of all electronica.

    April 2014
  • DrowsyDragon

    I'll have what they're having. %-)

    April 2014
  • ChopperB

    So ahead of its time its ridiculous

    April 2014
  • backstabber88

    the song just flows so well in one Madmen episode :D

    April 2014
  • Jaina999

    April 2014
  • silversurfer250

    The Revolution will not be televised.

    April 2014
  • mustachedmystic

    I forgot how awesome this song is!

    März 2014
  • JimiVonMicrodot


    März 2014
  • Hasen_Papa

    This album was a revolution

    Februar 2014
  • millyman77

    the song that changed everything [2] One of the most influential modern songs ever.

    Februar 2014
  • Storchel

    The drums really make this

    Februar 2014
  • Snoop_

    There really should be a way for users to report a track that is mislabelled. I don't know where this track is from but it isn't the version from Revolver.

    Januar 2014
  • JakeyWHFC

    how does it feeeel like! to leeet forever beeeee

    Dezember 2013
  • bl0w

    I think I'm lost downstream... its been awhile

    November 2013
  • exdejesus

    this is not the version from Revolver!

    Oktober 2013
  • jpzitoleopold

    so good i can't even describe.

    September 2013
  • Moxxxu

    Relax and let your mind do the trick

    August 2013
  • Lajon_

    not just a song, rather a transcendental piece of crazy twist beyond art and reality (made by mop-top pop band 47 years ago)

    Juli 2013
  • pedrooi

    Truly one of the greatest songs ever in the history of music

    Juli 2013
  • aldanamartin


    Juni 2013
  • GuzonjinaCerka


    Juni 2013
  • tomrud73

    what CRAP version is this shit?!

    Juni 2013
  • Dylanisgod2

    successful composition.

    Juni 2013
  • MIKEH3875

    the song that changed everything

    Juni 2013
  • McBabah

    Thank The Beatles for The Chemical Brothers :) [4]

    Mai 2013
  • incoming1

    So ahead of its time.

    Mai 2013
  • owl21

    Pizzahaeter is an idiot and can't even speak english properly.

    April 2013
  • aqu32

    Thank The Beatles for The Chemical Brothers :) [3]

    April 2013
  • lukeischill

    Pizzahaeter's brain doesn't know how to comprehend music that isn't ANGSTANGSTANGSTANGSTBEINGYOUNGSUCKSANGSTANGSTANGST. Which is too bad, cause this is a pretty sweet song.

    April 2013
  • seether112

    perfect Lennon song :)

    April 2013
  • Suaveness

    The piano melody at the end is indescribably amazing. I wish it went on for longer than it does. :(

    April 2013
  • indagar

    To 'Tomorrow never knows':

    März 2013
  • Excrono

    Music from the future.

    März 2013
  • Pizzahaeter

    The only their song that is not a complete shit.

    März 2013
  • Fuhghettaboutit

    Mad Men brought me here

    März 2013
  • crimsonR

    Oh my god !!! truly psychedelic

    Februar 2013
  • brunafp

    this song changed my life

    Februar 2013